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Donny Fein and Rob Ernst joined forces in January 2021 to form Elite Israel Realty, Ltd. (“Elite”) to fill a significant void in the Israeli real estate market with a specific focus on Anglo clients and a specialization of overseas clients. Customer service, honesty, transparency, and relationship building are Elite core values and serve as the focus of our daily interactions.  Donny and Rob are passionate about Israel and emotionally attached to the idea of bringing more of their brothers and sisters home to fulfill the mitzva of Yishuv Ha’aretz or at the very least getting a foot in the door.

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Rob Ernst

Rob Ernst hails from Rockland County, NY.  Rob received a BS in finance from Binghamton University before receiving his JD/MBA from Pace University while also working part-time.  Rob spent the past 15 years practicing law, initially with a specialization in trust and estate law followed by a successful career in public finance. Rob will bring his legal and finance background to diligently serve all Elite clients.  Rob and his family moved to Israel in August 2017 from Teaneck, NJ on a one-year trial run and thankfully are now on year 5 of the trial run.  Rob believes his biggest compliment is when former clients refer new ones and knows that earning and keeping a client’s trust is not to be taken for granted. Rob is passionate about living in Israel and helping others come join him by settling THE LAND or at least gaining a chelek in Eretz Yisrael.  He is excited to bring value along with a sense of calmness to clients in Israel and around the globe.


Donny Fein

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, Donny Fein graduated Queens College with a degree in Accounting. His early years were spent in a mid-size accounting firm in Manhattan until his path took him to Life Insurance. He spent many years as a life insurance agent, eventually in Israel, the only agent selling American Life Insurance to people living in Israel. Eventually he found his passion for real estate. He started out as a syndicator for TAMA 38 deals and continued in the investment arena, eventually expanding to commercial and residential properties as well. Donny feels blessed to be part of a larger picture helping to bring Olim from all over the world find their home in Israel. Donny is passionate about finding the right investments for his clients and helping them every step of the way. Donny made Aliyah from Cedarhurst, LI in 2009 with his wife and four boys. While he knows firsthand how difficult Aliyah can be, he knows arriving to the home of your dreams can ease the landing and help transition to a beautiful new life. It is his privilege and honor to help you along the way

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